Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II spotters view

If there is a aircraft that has a lot of speculations lately, it is the F-35.
Too expensive, too bad, a lot of these things that the politicians concerns rather than the spottersworld.

It is not the intention to start a debate about the F-35 here.

Now that the first squadron is operational (VMFA-121), there is no escape.
Especially with countries like USA, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada Australia, Denmark and Norway, we will see him more frequent in the future.
During my last trip to the USA spotters we have seen 19 different F-35`s USAF, USMC and RAAF, on four different bases (Dallas / Forth Worth, Nellis, Yuma and Luke)

F-35_1Each model has in the nose a search device, further down you can find the weapons behind a weapon hatch.Everything is triangular formed to achieve stealth properties. If the F-35 B is in VSTOL mode, the hatches behind the nosewheel are open.

This is a F-35 B of VMFA-121 at Yuma (AZ).

The F-35 will replace the AV-8.


F-35_2Not only the hatches behind the noseweel and behind the cockpit will open , the nozzle is bending downwards.





F-35_4The difference between a F-35A and F-35 B can clearly be seen by the hatches behind the cockpit.

They defenitily make more noise.

That we are dealing with a new type of aircraft can even be seen in the landinglights, they are LED’s.



F-35_3-1The first F-35A of RAAF, this picture is taken when a austalian pilot made his first flight with a australian aircraft.





By Frank Van de Waardenburg