19-08-2015 friendly pilots and a couple visitors


The day started pretty calm with 4 departures around 10 am , luckily some more engines spooled up and another 6 jets appeared at the holding point for rwy 23 . On return the jocks where very friendly (as usual) with lots of waves and sqn greetings . So our counter stopped on 10 planes for the morning wave which isn’t bad at all .



_MG_7305After the lunch break it was again very quit until the guys from EBBE made a approach with their new NH90-TTH with serial RN-06 . a half hour later no less then 10 jets started up ,  unfortunately on their return the sun disappeared behind a thick layer of clouds.




_MG_7314While the F-16’s where gone a C-130H with serial CH-12 amused us with some approaches and touch and go’s on rwy 23 R.





So in total 20 local movements and a couple of visitors (thats what we call a typical day at KeeBee)  :-)