The French Air Force will create seven new squadrons


The French air force has decided to strengthen the coherence of its organization and together the units and staff dedicated to the same mission within the new seven squadrons. They will all be created from August 25 until September 3.

These squadrons will be based in Evreux (64th squadron of transport and air wing command and projectable conduct), Saint-Dizier (4th Fighter Wing), Luxeuil-les-Bains (2nd Fighter Wing), Mont-de-Marsan ( 30th fighter squadron) Cazaux (8th fighter wing) and Orleans (61st squadron of transport).

The numbering of the units of the affected aircraft registration and transfer of historical heritage (flag, traditions and Christian name) will be done in 2016.

Four squadrons had been created in 2014, two in Avord, one at Istres and Nancy