Museum Sil Powietrznych, Deblin (Poland)

740007_410403395701778_1977110510_oThis museum was my first stop in Poland before visiting the Radom airshow. The entrance to the museum is an old communications truck which, can not be missed from the big remembrance park in front of the museum. Entrance fee is a whopping 10 Zloty (2,4 Euro). The truck doubles as a modest museum shop. Don’t expect to find some hidden treasures in this shop. It is quite different for the museum itself. Most of the airframes on display are placed in the open. Some in very good condition, others badly neglected. The collection includes the usual suspects. Helicopters, bombers and trainers. And of course the obligatory rows of Mig’s and Fitter’s. And yes one Western aircraft. A Belgian Mirage was tucked away in a corner. Felt proud among my Dutch fellow travellers. Two temporary tents housed at the time of my visit aircraft weapons and other related aircraft equipment. Although if you take a look on their site i presume that they change the items on display in those tents on a regular basis. In the main hall are three immaculate aircraft (An-2 Colt, TS-9 Junak and a PZL-130 Orlik) on permanent display surrounded with engines and other interesting stuff. From a photographers point of view, this is a ideal museum. No fences around the aircraft and hardly any visitors. The best time to visit this museum is around noon, after 14.00 hr the sun is not in a good position to take pictures. Many backlit aircraft then. Another plus is the fact that the museum is located next to Deblin airbase. With a easterly wind the aircraft practically  land over the museum. So taking landing shots is no problem. Not much millimeters needed. To find about more about the museum visit their site, sadly only in Polish.

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AF8V5875 AF8V5873 AF8V5859 AF8V5831 AF8V3091 AF8V3032


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Ludo Kloek,