Museum Lotnictwa Polskiego, Krakow (Poland)

mlp_logo_enThis is the main museum for the Polish Air Force (Sily Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej). It is hidden in the subarbs of Krakow. Squeezed between a public park, a local industrial area and a rural area. The museum is located adjacent to a taxitrack of the disused Rakowice-Czyżny airfield, and uses some of the original hangars of this airfield. The collection is huge and dispersed mainly outside, and in 4 hangars of different sizes. The car park is small giving a indication of the number of visitors they expect. Entrance fee to the museum is 14 Zloty (3,30 €). The ticket booth is in a new modern hall you have to go through to visit the rest of the museum. In this hall, there are two separate areas. One houses  a small collection of old aircraft on display. Sadly most of them are backlit due to the huge glass windows behind them. The other one contains some aircraft on the ceiling but focuses more on the technical aspect of flying. When you go outside from the first hall. The choice is yours, first explore the airframes outside. And those are plenty. Or you can go through the three other halls. The first one depicts airframes from WWI. All original airframes. The second one displays aircraft from Western origin. The Italian Starfighter is stunning. The third hall displays a various collection of propellor and jet airframes from different origin. As expected the red line through the museum is the Polish Air Force and its aircraft over the years. But a good portion of the airframes are from Western origin. Really love the fact that they have WWII German planes on display also; Regarding the condition of the artefacts on display. The ones inside are in top condition. The ones outside vary a lot. Sad to see that some of the “special paints” are deteriorating fast. As a photographer you’re in seventh heaven. As stated earlier not many people around. The best time to visit the museum is late in the morning until sundown. Then the light will be perfect.

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AF8V3445 AF8V3425 AF8V3352 AF8V3222 AF8V3205 AF8V3175

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