Roll-out 31st Sqdn Tiger FA-77, 22nd April 2016

aajFriday the 22nd of April was a big day for the 31st “Tiger” Sqdn at Kleine-Brogel. Today the much anticipated roll-out of their new “Tiger” F-16 was planned. Peter, Raf and myself were invited to follow the event and to make sure everything was captured on digital format. We met up at the parking lot. And after a brief check we were driven to the “Tiger Lair” of the 31st sqdn. There everyone involved and interested in the event was gathered for a drink and some small talk. After a safety speech from the CO of the 31st Sqdn it was time to unveil the much anticipated bird to the crowd. First we stood behind a barrier for obvious safety reasons. The paint was immaculate.  A full paint Tiger. Another splendid design from the artists Johan Wolfs and Peter Verheyen, together with the paintshop KB. After missing the Tiger Meet last year the 31st “was back” in a splendid way. After giving away some thank you presents to the sponsors and people who helped to realise this paint. The barrier ribbon was ceremonially cut to allow the people to get up and close to the airframe. Time to take as many nice shots as possible. After this we went back  to the lair for some finger food and  drinks. Awaiting the start up of the “Tiger” for his first flight. Before we new it it was time to move the photographers to a spot near the runway in front of the control tower. A very small group was waiting for the first flight. Sadly the weather was a little on the dark side. After a short wait the first “Tiger Roar” of the FA-77 was impressive. Some nice flyby’s before commencing the fotoflight were greatly appreciated. After an hour the flight returned giving us again the opportunity to take pictures during touch and go’s and finally during landing. A superbly organised event for us photographers. Many thanks KB and 31st sqdn for making this possible.


AF8V4481 Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 13.20.51

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 13.21.23 Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 13.21.53

A23W4651 A23W4654