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Afscheid van de Alouette III, 12 December 2015. Gilze-Rijen AFB

Alouette gentille Alouette De componist van het Franse kinderliedje had zeker nog niet de gelijknamige wentelwiek in gedachten, toen hij het vrolijke deuntje bedacht. Deze zou pas later uit het brein van een Franse ingenieur ontstaan. Maar ergens is het

Zwitserse F-18 van Payerne crasht in Frankrijk


Een Zwitserse militair vliegtuig is woensdag 14/10 neergestort rond 11:30 in een onbewoond gebied in de Doubs in het oosten van Frankrijk, waardoor er geen slachtoffers zijn. Het toestel komt volgens het ministerie van defensie van Payerne. De piloot van

The U.S. Air Force is shutting down operations at three Royal Air Force bases in England

The U.S. Air Force is shutting down operations at three Royal Air Force bases in England as part of an effort to downsize infrastructure across the European theater, the Defense Department announced Thursday. Forces from RAF Mildenhall — which provides

US transport plane crash in Afghanistan


An American C-130 transport plane has crashed in Afghanistan, killing at least 11 people, a US defense official has said. Among the dead are several US troop members and contracted civilians whose nationalities have not been disclosed. The Taliban has

22 september 1995 – today 20 years ago – Yukla 27

The Alaska Boeing E-3 Sentry accident was the crash on 22 September 1995 of a United States Air Force Boeing E-3 Sentry airborne early warning aircraft with the loss of all 24 on board. The aircraft, serial number 77-0354 with

Investigation report. TLP crash Hellenic F-16. (26 Jan 2015)

As we go about enjoying our favourite hobby, photographing aircraft, at various locations. We tend to forget that things can go horribly wrong in a split second. It all looks so natural and normal after a while. Last week i received

Plane catches fire at Las Vegas airport


A British Airways jet has caught fire at Las Vegas airport, sending smoke billowing into the air, after suffering what the pilot described as a “catastrophic failure” of the left engine. The plane – a Boeing 777 heading from the

Battle of Britain flypast CANCELLED as insurance prices rocket following Shoreham disaster

By Nick Gutteridge Private Spitfire owners had been planning their own Battle of Britain fly-past A group of private Spitfire owners had hoped to organise the touching commemoration, but were told they would need third party cover of £250 MILLION.The

Nederland moderniseert Chinooks en schaft nieuwe aan

Defensie schaft 14 nieuwe Chinook-transporthelikopters aan en moderniseert 6 huidige toestellen. Het aantal Chinooks gaat daarmee van 17 naar 20. Dit meldde minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert vandaag per brief aan de Tweede Kamer. Archieffoto: een Chinook in actie tijdens een oefening.

Spitfire pilot makes emergency landing in a field in Woodchurch

The pilot of a Spitfire had to make an emergency landing today in a field in Woodchurch. Fire crews, police and paramedics were called to the scene of the crash at 10am. The pilot was out of the plane when