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Roll-out 31st Sqdn Tiger FA-77, 22nd April 2016

Friday the 22nd of April was a big day for the 31st “Tiger” Sqdn at Kleine-Brogel. Today the much anticipated roll-out of their new “Tiger” F-16 was planned. Peter, Raf and myself were invited to follow the event and to

Artikel kbspotting in magazine ‘Bij ons in KeeBee november 2015’

Het tijdschrift van Kleine Brogel Air Base ‘Bij ons in KeeBee’

Zoals iedereen of bijna iedereen weet, heeft de Vliegbasis Kleine-Brogel een eigen tijdschrift. Dit magazine verschijnt een 4-tal keer per jaar (er kunnen speciale uitgaves zijn). Hierin staan artikels over de vliegbasis zelf, het vliegend en grondpersoneel. Kortom een algemeen

Information about Sanicole airshow and spottersday Kleine Brogel + updates

Arrival thursday 17/9 Patrouille de France Arrival friday 18/9 Super Constellation (click here) Program friday (Sanicole) Country Type  Military / Civilian  Flying / Static Belgium F-16 (Lockheed) Fighter M F France     Patrouille de France (8 X Alpha-Jet) Team

19-08-2015 friendly pilots and a couple visitors


The day started pretty calm with 4 departures around 10 am , luckily some more engines spooled up and another 6 jets appeared at the holding point for rwy 23 . On return the jocks where very friendly (as usual)

Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 august


On monday 17 and tuesday 18 of august 2015, spotting place at runway 23 will be closed for unknown reasons. This info is on the signs beside the roads leading to RW23.

13-08-2015 take offs and formation


Today runway 05L was in use, so to avoid the busy road on that side we positioned ourself  at runway 23 to see the departures .         On return they made some nice low approaches so we

06-08-2015 rare visitor and demo practice


On this beautiful sunny day we had the pleasure to see a French Air Force C-135FR with serial 736/93-CH make two low approaches on runway 23R.                         to make