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Aviation museum Malta, Ta’ Qali airfield (Malta)

This little museum is situated on the old RAF Ta’ Qali airfield on Malta. Expect a warm and typically friendly mediterranean atmosphere.  Opening hours are not strictly respected. It’s more laid back over here. Three hangars, two modern and one original one, house the

Kleine-Brogel air museum, Kleine-Brogel AFB (Belgium)

This museum recently opened its doors to the general public in Januari 2010. The museum consists of three main expositions. The first one is the private collection of Jos “de snor” Palmers. He moved his collection to shed 140 on Kleine-Brogel

Museum Lotnictwa Polskiego, Krakow (Poland)

This is the main museum for the Polish Air Force (Sily Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej). It is hidden in the subarbs of Krakow. Squeezed between a public park, a local industrial area and a rural area. The museum is located adjacent to

Museum Sil Powietrznych, Deblin (Poland)

This museum was my first stop in Poland before visiting the Radom airshow. The entrance to the museum is an old communications truck which, can not be missed from the big remembrance park in front of the museum. Entrance fee is