The U.S. Air Force is shutting down operations at three Royal Air Force bases in England

The U.S. Air Force is shutting down operations at three Royal Air Force bases in England as part of an effort to downsize infrastructure across the European theater, the Defense Department announced Thursday. Forces from RAF Mildenhall — which provides

Woordvoerster Defensie Ingrid Baeck komt om bij explosie woning


Als KBspotting onderhouden we goede contacten met defensie. Het is een verhaal van PR en het publiek op de hoogte houden van het laatste nieuws. Ingrid was hier een belangrijke schakel en waarschijnlijk ook wel het bekendste gezicht. Met ontzetting

Aviation museum Malta, Ta’ Qali airfield (Malta)

This little museum is situated on the old RAF Ta’ Qali airfield on Malta. Expect a warm and typically friendly mediterranean atmosphere.  Opening hours are not strictly respected. It’s more laid back over here. Three hangars, two modern and one original one, house the

Het tijdschrift van Kleine Brogel Air Base ‘Bij ons in KeeBee’

Zoals iedereen of bijna iedereen weet, heeft de Vliegbasis Kleine-Brogel een eigen tijdschrift. Dit magazine verschijnt een 4-tal keer per jaar (er kunnen speciale uitgaves zijn). Hierin staan artikels over de vliegbasis zelf, het vliegend en grondpersoneel. Kortom een algemeen

US transport plane crash in Afghanistan


An American C-130 transport plane has crashed in Afghanistan, killing at least 11 people, a US defense official has said. Among the dead are several US troop members and contracted civilians whose nationalities have not been disclosed. The Taliban has

22 september 1995 – today 20 years ago – Yukla 27

The Alaska Boeing E-3 Sentry accident was the crash on 22 September 1995 of a United States Air Force Boeing E-3 Sentry airborne early warning aircraft with the loss of all 24 on board. The aircraft, serial number 77-0354 with

Investigation report. TLP crash Hellenic F-16. (26 Jan 2015)

As we go about enjoying our favourite hobby, photographing aircraft, at various locations. We tend to forget that things can go horribly wrong in a split second. It all looks so natural and normal after a while. Last week i received

Information about Sanicole airshow and spottersday Kleine Brogel + updates

Arrival thursday 17/9 Patrouille de France Arrival friday 18/9 Super Constellation (click here) Program friday (Sanicole) Country Type  Military / Civilian  Flying / Static Belgium F-16 (Lockheed) Fighter M F France     Patrouille de France (8 X Alpha-Jet) Team

Plane catches fire at Las Vegas airport


A British Airways jet has caught fire at Las Vegas airport, sending smoke billowing into the air, after suffering what the pilot described as a “catastrophic failure” of the left engine. The plane – a Boeing 777 heading from the

Kleine-Brogel air museum, Kleine-Brogel AFB (Belgium)

This museum recently opened its doors to the general public in Januari 2010. The museum consists of three main expositions. The first one is the private collection of Jos “de snor” Palmers. He moved his collection to shed 140 on Kleine-Brogel

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